1984 **** 106 mins.

There's no denying that Gremlins is a classic of the comedy/horror genre. It has plenty of genuinely comedic moments mixed with some truly gruesome moments. A young man gets a new pet for Christmas - a gremlin. With it, he is given three rules: 1) Keep it out of bright light, 2) Don't get it wet, and 3) Never feed it after midnight. The mayhem that ensues is very fun to watch.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated PG for langauge, gore, and scary moments.

Zach Galligan + Phoebe Cates + Hoyt Axton + Polly Holliday + Frances Lee McCain + Corey Feldman

Written by
Chris Columbis

Directed by
Joe Dante


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