G A R Y   C L A R K   J R .
B L A K   A N D   B L U

2012 ****

1. Ain't Messin 'Round
2. When My Train Pulls In
3. Blak and Blu
4. Bright Lights
5. Travis County
6. The Life
7. Glitter Ain't Gold (Jumpin' for Nothin')
8. Numb
9. Please Come Home
10. Things are Changin'
11. Third Stone from the Sun/If You Love Me Like You Say
12. You Saved Me
13. Next Door Neighbor Blues

I first became aware of Gary Clark Jr. thanks to his amazing cover of "Come Together" on the Justice League soundtrack. After hearing that, I looked him up on YouTube and watched live performance of "Bright Lights." From that point on, I was hooked! I went on Amazon and purchased this album on vinyl, and...well...I think Gary Clark Jr. is much better appreciated live. At least when compared to this album. This album feels so much more reserved than the Hendrix-inspired man I saw perform live on YouTube. That's not to say this album is bad, though. It's still a great mainstream debut for a very talented individual. I'm anxious to see/hear what he bestows upon us in the future.

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