F U L L   D A R K ,   N O   S T A R S
Written by Stephen King

2010 ****1/2 560 pages

I was surprised at how much I actually fell in love with this book. It's a collection of four (or five, if you read the paperback edition, like I did) short stories by the great Stephen King. They are four visceral, unforgettable stories. "1922" is the first story, and the one I liked the least. It tells the story about a father and son who kill their wife/mother and the complications of dealing with the aftereffects. "Big Driver" is an I Spit on Your Grave-like story about a woman who is beaten and raped seeking revenge. "Fair Extension" is about a man dying from cancer who makes a deal with the devil. "A Good Marriage" is about a wife who learns her husband is a serial killer. The bonus story in the paperback edition is titled "Under the Weather," and it is perhaps my favorite. It's definitely the sweetest and saddest of the stories, and I can't really summarize it without giving it away. It's very short, but its feelings will never be forgotten. Full Dark, No Stars is an amazing collection that no Stephen King fan should be without.