1989 **** 80 mins.

Although it felt like something you'd watch at the Kennedy Space Center, this documentary is still an impressive work that assembles footage from all the Apollo missions to create one representative mission to the moon, voiced over by the men who actually made the journey. Brian Eno's score, again, makes the film feel like a Space Center flick, but the footage is impressive enough to make the journey more than worth it.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Virgil I. Grissom + Edward H. White II + Roger B. Chaffee + Walter H. Schirra + Donn Eisele + Walter Cunningham + Frank Borman + James A. Lovell Jr. + William Anders + James McDivitt + David R. Scott + Russell L. Schweickart + Thomas P. Stafford + John W. Young + Eugene A. Cernan + Neil A. Armstrong + Michael Collins + Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. + Charles Conrad Jr. + Richard F. Gordon Jr. + Alan L. Bean + John L. Swigert Jr. + Fred W. Haise Jr. + Alan B. Shepard Jr. + Stuart A. Roosa + Edgar D. Mitchell + Alfred M. Worden + James B. Irwin + T. Kenneth Mattingly II + Charles M. Duke Jr. + Ronald E. Evans + Harrison H. Schmitt

Directed by
Al Reinhert

FOR ALL MANKIND on The Criterion Collection

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