1999 ***1/2 71 mins.

Following is the first feature-length film directed by the much over-blown Christopher Nolan. I was hopeful for this film, but it also falls victim to the shortcomings of its director. The elements of the plot that should have been explored more are left untouched. The whole exposition of the film is a mere five minutes. In that five minutes, we are introduced to our main character, a writer who likes to follow strangers for inspiration. He is quickly accosted by a man who is a burglar, who takes our narrator under his wing. Being more properly introduced to our narrator would have been nice. The hour that follows that exposition becomes a bit bland and tedious after a while. I think the time could have been spent more wisely. The final ten minutes of the film are really good, though, as everything is tied together. It's worth a viewing for the Christopher Nolan fan.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Rated PG-13 for langauge and some violence.

Jeremy Theobald + Alex Haw + Lucy Russell + John Nolan

Written and Directed by
Christopher Nolan

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