F A T   G I R L

2001 ***** 86 mins.

Catherine Breillat's Fat Girl (originally titled A ma soeur! in France, or To My Sister!, but the director always preferred the title Fat Girl) is a brilliant motion picture experience. It's exactly the type of film that I like to watch. It's simple, short, and consists of long scenes that pull you in and hold you captive. Anais is an over-weight teenage girl. Her older sister is drop dead gorgeous. When Elena falls for an Italian college boy while on vacation, she falls for his every trick. Meanwhile, Anais is caught in an emotional tapestry of envy and pity. She's jealous of her sister's imminent loss of virginity, but in the same right, she knows her sister is in for a broken heart. The film is an emotional powerhouse with two characters who seem to completely switch places in your head and heart from the beginning of the film to the end. Be warned: the ending will completely take you by surprise, but it's a brilliant ending that brings the story to a satisfactory close. This film really is not for everybody, but I love it.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Not Rated.

Anais Reboux + Roxane Mesquida + Libero de Rienzo + Arsinee Khanjian + Romain Goupil + Laura Betti

Written and Directed by
Catherine Breillat

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