2009 ***** 87 mins.

When I first heard that Wes Anderson was making a stop-motion animated motion picture, I honestly wondered if his directorial style would be able to make the transition. Well, if anything, this is the most signaturely-Anderson film of all time. Being animated, he was able to craft every single image to his liking. The result is a fast-paced work that is sheer brilliance. The viewer is immediately whisked away in the first frame and is treated with a film so magical that one may not want to watch another animated film ever again. Based upon a children's book by Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr. Fox tells the story of a group of creatures who are forced to hide in the sewers after trying to steal from three big-time farmers. It's styled like an old-fashioned animated film for the kids. You know, before we felt it necessary to shield them from the realities of the world and to fill their heads with unrelenting "save the environment" hooplah. Therefore, it's thoroughly enjoyable for adults as well as kids while not being pretentious. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a revolutionary motion picture in it's universal appeal. One thing's for certain: you've never seen anything like it.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated PG for action, smoking, and slang humor.

Featuring the Voices of:
George Clooney + Meryl Streep + Jason Schwartzman + Bill Murray + Wally Wolodarsky + Eric Anderson + Michael Gambon + Willem Dafoe + Owen Wilson + Jarvis Cocker

Based Upon the Book by
Roald Dahl

Screenplay by
Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach

Directed by
Wes Anderson

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