1955 **** 87 mins.

A fateful day and fateful encounters in the lives of a fashion model and her boss make up this beautifully shot film from Ingmar Bergman. Harriet Andersson and Gunnar Bjornstrand steal the show throughout, but everyone gives great performances in this quaint little film. The two lead women's lives are full of unhappiness, and these chance encounters allows them a day of dreaming of better lives.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Eva Dahlbeck + Harriet Andersson + Gunnar Bjornstrand + Ulf Palme + Inga Landgre + Benkt-Ake Benktsson + Sven Lindberg + Kerstin Hedeby

Written and Directed by
Ingmar Bergman

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