David Gilmour

2017 ***** 152 mins.

When David Gilmour performed for a live audience at the Pompeii amphitheater in July 2016, it marked the first public event at the amphitheater since 79 A.D. That's a pretty impressive fact, and it's only fitting that it was David Gilmour to do it. When he and his band, PInk Floyd, performed at the same location back in 1971, it was just the band performing by themselves, with no one but their film crew to document the event. While the Pink Floyd film was a brilliant, unforgettable experience, this new David Gilmour show is far more fulfilling in every way possible. It boasts Gilmour and Floyd's epic visuals with some of their best music. It's heavily loaded with songs from Gilmore's most recent album, Rattle That Lock, of course, but the songs are just as good and fit in just as well with the classic Pink Floyd tracks. It's a stunning concert film, and it's now my favorite Pink Floyd-related concert to watch again and again. For more information, check out my review of the Live at Pompeii album.

Directed by
Gavin Elder


Motion Pictures