2017 *****

1. Wonderful Woman
2. Big Boys
3. You Go to My Head
4. 3/4 Time (Enchiladas)
5. Darlin'
6. Lady B. Goode
7. She Still Loves You
8. Jamaica Moon
9. Dutchman
10. Eyes of Man

Chuck Berry's first album of new material in 38 years sadly turned out to be his last. Not too long after announcing the album's upcoming release, Chuck Berry departed this world. The final album he left us with truly is a gift, an album to be treasured. Although it's all new, it bears all of Berry's classic trademarks, with one amazing rock 'n' roll song playing after another. Obviously, "Lady B. Goode"s is a sequel, of sorts, to his classic "Johnny B. Goode," and it is at this point that the album shifts gears from the rocking good first half to a more toned down, reflective second half. It never makes a wrong step, and is truly an amazing album.

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