1985 ****
U.S. Theatrical Version runs 131 mins.
The Final Cut runs 142 mins.
The "Love Conquers All" Version runs 94 mins.

Considered by many to be Terry Gilliam's masterpiece (although I personally prefer Time Bandits), Brazil is a film that may require multiple viewings to thoroughly enjoy it. Set in a dismal future, the film is an indictment of government. Jonathan Pryce plays Sam Lowry, a victim of a paperwork-dominated society. He gets by on his dreams. Until the day that the woman in his dreams enters his real life. He then becomes obsessed with finding out about who she is, only to find out that the government wants her detained, possibly killed, to cover up a government mistake. Filled with unforgettable images, the film gets a bit ridiculous at times, and the running time is a bit much. Still, though, it's a fun film to experience. NOTE: don't watch the "Love Conquers All" version until you've at least seen the theatrical cut. The "Love Conquers All" version is what is commonly shown on television, and I like to think of it as "Brazil in Fragments". It's still an entertaining little version in its own right, though. I highly recommend watching the Criterion DVD of this film.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for some strong violence.

Jonathan Pryce + Robert De Niro + Katherine Helmond + Ian Holm + Bob Hoskins + Michael Palin + Kim Greist

Screenplay by
Terry Gilliam + Tom Stoppard + Charles McKeown

Directed by
Terry Gilliam


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