"...and God created woman"

1956 **** 92 mins.

By today's standards, ...And God Created Woman would probably get a PG rating. Back in 1956, though, it was scandalous and shocking. Watching it with a mid-fifties mindset made me even find this film to be a bit shocking. It has a definite '50s cinematography and sound style, which makes the sexually charged subject matter feel a bit out of place. That's a good thing, though, and it makes this film special and very enjoyable. This first film directed by Roger Vadim is about an orphan who gets married rather than go back to the orphanage. Married life goes against her fun and free lifestyle, and the players all react differently. This is the film that made Brigitte Bardot an international star, and rightfully so.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (CinemaScope)
Not Rated.

Brigitte Bardot + Curd Jurgens + Jean-Louis Trintignant + Jeanne Marken + Jean Tissier + Isabelle Corey + Mary Glory + Georges Poujouly + Christian Marquand

Original Story by
Roger Vadim and Raoul Levy

Written and Directed by
Roger Vadim


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