1973 ***1/2 127 mins.

The kaleidoscopic idea of this film is the only reason I give it as high of a rating as I do. The film mixes Fellini's memories of childhood and life in a carnivalesque way. However, a lot of the characters are irritating, and the over-abundance of potty humor and sexual content keep the film from being very watchable. From a historical perspective, it warrants one viewing, even if it is a bit boring. Granted, parts of the film are very, very good. The score is great, as well.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Not Rated.

Magali Noel + Bruno Zanin + Pupella Maggio + Armando Brancia + Giuseppe Ianigro + Nando Orfei + Ciccio Ingrassia + Luigi Rossi

Written by
Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra

Directed by
Federico Fellini

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