A Christmas Carol
Written by Charles Dickens

2011 **** 194 pages

Please note that my star rating for this book is for the book as a whole. "A Christmas Carol" itself is a five-star masterpiece. This collection also includes Christmas stories from other Dickens works that don't necessarily work outside their original context. Everyone knows the story of "A Christmas Carol," the crotchety old businessman who hates Christmas being visited by ghosts who show him the errors of his ways. There have been countless film, stage, and television adaptations of Dickens's work, but they all pale in comparison to the sheer brilliance and artistry of the original work. It also helps to remember that in the 1800s, Christmas wasn't held in the same esteem as it is today. When you read "A Christmas Carol," definitely put yourself in the time period. It's a psychologically brilliant story. The other stories contained here are "A Christmas Tree," which is quaint but bland, and "A Christmas Dinner," which is lifted from The Pickwick Papers. I felt kind of lost reading that one, since it happens in the middle of that mammoth novel.