a space odyssey

1968 ***** 148 mins.
(Some video versions run 139 mins., omitting the overture, intermission/entr'acte, and exit music.)

This is one of the most important films ever made. Stanley Kubrick, in this film, broke all of the limits that Hollywood sets for a film. The dialogue in this film is minimal, for the story is told, mainly, through the images that are presented. That is something that no one has ever dared to do on such a grand scale. The music in this film is absolutely wonderful, and is almost a character unto itself. The pacing of the film is signaturely Kubrick, and the cinematography and Oscar-winning special effects are breathtaking.

The story begins with "The Dawn of Man". We see a family of apes and their daily lives. One morning, they wake up to find a mysterious monolith outside of their cave. Then, things start changing.

Millions of years later, in the year 2000, another monolith is found below the surface of the moon. It is believed to have been deliberately buried.

Eighteen months later, the spaceship Discovery 1 is sent on a mission to Jupiter. It's mission is, simply, to explore Jupiter space for any sign of life or activity. On board are two men, three hibernating crew members, and the newest generation of the HAL-9000 computer.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.20:1 (Super Panavision 70)
Rated G.

Keir Dullea + Gary Lockwood + William Sylvester + Douglas Rain (voice)

Written by
Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke

Directed by
Stanley Kubrick

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